Drs. Davis and Cummings first met in the summer of 2003 at the Providence Family Medicine Residency. It wasn’t long before they recognized their similar interests, and ideas about the delivery of healthcare. The friendship started and has lasted nearly 10 years. They envisioned a comprehensive healthcare office to include traditional and complementary services. Meeting your immediate needs, while offering patients an opportunity to explore their health. A place where delivering value, excellence in care and unparalleled customer service is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We think we’ve found the right balance, and work daily to improve on our concept. We invite you to see for yourself.

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John Driscoll, Certified Rolfer® 

John Driscoll has been a Certified Rolfer® practicing Structural Integration for over 10 years. Alpine Medical is pleased to offer his experience dealing with various soft tissue and joint restrictions in patients ranging from adolescence to adulthood. He brings extensive experience changing repetitive patterns and increasing the patient’s ability to manage stress manifesting in their body. For more detailed information about Rolfing please visit

Eric Kunc, Certified Rolfer®
Eric Kunc has been practicing as a certified Rolfer® for almost 15 years in Anchorage. Originally from New Jersey, he was introduced to Alaska when offered a job commercial fishing for a college friend. After spending a summer here, he was “hooked”, and has been living here since. Eric enjoys the challenge of identifying the nuance of structural asymmetry, and integrating his teaching to change alignment and return symmetry, while simultaneously creating space. He manages a wide range of clients, from chronic pain to athletes trying to improve function and efficiency.